Weekly hang out place

IMM. Next week onwards it will be just once a week to her chiropractor. She now knows which doctor to go to in different situations. But as of now, her favourite doctor is Dr Brad. I took a couple of pictures during her therapy. Every session is really short. About 5 minutes or so. You can see that she is very relaxed throughout the session and that never fails to invite praises from other patients.





As usual we went for breakfast after that. This is ern working on her favourite books after breakfast.





She was at it for a long time that she nearly completed one entire book in one sitting. Love her focus and determination! She couldn’t complete the entire book because some of the pages requires colouring and I didn’t bring any crayons along so we had to stop.

Went to cotton on kids and picked out some accesories, tops, skirts and leggings for her. I wasn’t the only one busy shopping… She was even busier! She picked out quite a few stuff herself and told me ALL the necklaces are pretty. Told her to settle for only one and it took her forever to make up her mind. ; ) Then there’s a little section where they have all the wooden alphabets. She picked out the letter “E” and insisted that I buy it for her. Her perfect reason “because E is for ern ern!” How can I refuse? ; )

We then hit the playground before settling down for her arts and craft.








Went for lunch and then home for OUR much needed nap. Dropped her off for her speech and drama class after she woke up. I thought of skipping the class as I was so tired/lazy to take her there but I left the decision to her….

I think today is again of of the days that I don’t feel my best. So when it was almost time for ern’s daily feed of storybooks at bedtime I hoped to skip it altogether. Then came the moment where ern spoke to me and then requested things to me in perfect mandarin. Complete sentences, great diction and not forgeting her thank yous and all. And suddenly I got my energy back again and I WANT to read to her even more. Is this the “result” that I’ve been looking for? Not really. I mean I’m very glad that my effort has “paid off”. But honestly, I’ve never thought of the result. It’s the process and joy and bonding time I appreciate and treasure when we do things together. To add, I personally feel that being a result oriented parent is very stressful for the mother and even more so for the children. In the first place, there won’t be any “result” if meaningful process is absent. ; )


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