Puzzles puzzles

Happened to see this as I was browsing in a bookstore. I find it a little similar to what shichida is doing in class and decided to get it.

I didn’t have time to read the instructions so I left the reading till night time after ern calls it a day.

Then I started trying it out myself and before I knew it; I was hooked. It certainly looks like a piece of cake initially but I was stucked a few times and ee fann helped ; ) but it does gets easier and easier with practice ; )







That’s not all. Many other shapes and pictures that we have not attempted yet. You are supposed to use only 7 stipulated pieces for all the puzzles in the book. However some formations does not require all 7 pieces and can have different ways of placing them. I find it easier when the formation can be done with different placements. Its tough when the formation can only have one standard placement. This stuff trains visualization and logical thinking.

After playing with a few shapes I suddenly feel smarter. Hahahaha… Shall see if ern likes this ; )


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