This is a video shot some time ago. Initially when she started reading independently I thought it was her ability to memorize more than the ability to recognize the words. So I “tested” her further by asking her to point out words that she is able recognize when I read other lengthy mandarin books. Ern is able to point out many words which means that she is not memorizing the sequence of the book but really can recognize the words.

Till today each time she sees a familiar Chinese character, she will point and read them aloud. She is able to read a couple more simple mandarin books. This is one of them.

It’s a routine that we always read a few simple books to aid her with words recognition and then a couple more lengthy books to aid her pronounciation.

At home we do preschooling with ern. Which means besides the half day Nursery 1 that she attends, (not everyday though) we also do other activities like memory games, arts and craft, worksheets, puzzles, etc…. We try to incorporate a little of everything but with emphasize of something. For instance, we may do worksheets, colouring, but place more emphasis on memory games today and emphasize on writing skills on other days. And yes at the end of the day it’s back to reading again.

Perhaps I should give some “updates” with regards to her attending berries. Couple of days ago, I took out all the flashcards that she has been given from berries. (she will bring home 2 flashcards with words that she learnt that particular day) She is able to easily read out the words that we have been reading at bed time and needed help with the ones that we did not “practice”. It further proved that no matter what school or enrichment class the child attends, it is still back to nought if the “education” isn’t continued at home. Though I must also add that berries has definitely ignited her love for Mandarin. And the materials that she brings home each week gives me a rough guide as to what she should be learning.

I know some parents do not subscribe to preschooling their children at home since they are already attending preschools. My stand or rather the reason and motivation for doing so is for bonding, because we do it together – happily together and as Alicia aptly put; to nurture the love of lifelong learning. We do so at our own pace, no comparison with peers no competition of any sort. I suppose it’s only when one constantly tries to “catch up” with others that makes it unenjoyable for both the mother and child.

I do see it as a good headstart for ern and as I always believe; nobody can nurture a child better than a mother can. At least for now. Kuddos to all mothers out there who “preschool” their children at home!

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