Horrible nerve wrecking pain

It started with what I thought was sensitive teeth. It gradually became really painful till a point it was unbearable.

I thought it was wisdom tooth and quickly made an appointment to have it removed. However the “wisdom tooth” wasn’t visible and it warrants an x-ray. Unfortunately… The dentist refused to take any x-rays for me without written approval from my gynae. Goodness!! I had to endure another night of pain! Was prescribed antibiotic to relieve the inflammation. At around 12 midnight, the pain was just too much to bear and I was desperate. Got my dad to send me to SGH and there wasn’t any dentist available : ( I was tearing… It was just too painful. The pain was literally nerve wrecking and it caused a chronic headache. I took countless panadols and used antiseptic mouth rinse way too many times that it caused a burn in my gums. By the way, panadols didn’t work AT ALL.

I didn’t sleep for 2 nights.. Finally ee fann managed to get an appointment with another dentist at holland village. Went there; thinking my pain will soon be relieved… But she refused to take an x-Ray even WITH my gynae’s written approval!! She simply refused and just did a general cleaning. I was so disappointed. I felt as if the world had come to an end. Ern and ee fann was waiting outside. I could hear her. Unwanted so much to hug her and get her to dry my tears….

Ee fann then made another appointment immediately at Raffles hospital after “I’m done”. We promptly went there after dropping ern at my mum’s place. But this time, I wasn’t optimistic anymore (and not forgetting I was sleep deprived) However, the dentist there did a fantastic job. Got an x-Ray done, did several other tests to check the cause of the pain….. And it wasn’t the issue of wisdom tooth at all…. I was so happy that an operation for wisdom tooth wasn’t needed. It was a suspected case of a cracked tooth. And hence the pain was far more intense. She shared with me that many of her patients described such pain being worse than labour. I couldn’t agree more.

And the news came. She needs me to see an orthodontist in 2 days time. (that was the earliest slot she could give me) You could probably guess how I felt. I cried. She felt very sorry for me but there really wasn’t much she could do. I didn’t blame her… She prescribed me painkillers and another medication to reduce the swelling which fortunately worked rather well. I managed to sleep.

Ern has been very thoughtful throughout. Such an angel. She understands that im in pain and couldnt really be with her. She played by herself, watched TV and played the ipad (full permission granted). Im bed ridden. She will run to my bedside, tell me reassuring words like “mummy are you in pain? Dont worry mummy, i will sayang you, put cream for you, feed you medicine and I will make you happy.” Such words from her totally melts my heart. She eats and drinks whatever I gave her and will check in with me to show me her empty plate or bowl or cup. How not to love her? Ee fann read to her at night and she too; read to herself. Tomorrow will be the day I’m seeing the orthodontist. I do not know what the procedure is going to be. All I want is to take away the pain and I want my life to resume back to normal.

With the help of the painkillers, I managed to do something more constructive with her. Mostly done in bed though. All these wasn’t done in a single sitting. We breaked for dinner and shower..

This is the latest material I made which she totally loves. (simple subtraction)


Tada!! Her secret stash!


Dot to dot and Colouring


She then turned the table over to “milk the cow”.


Did linking memory. Her focus was there and got it right for all 10 cards.







Played ball games.


Played noddy fun book.


More colouring.


Read more books.
Please pardon the volume. I have no idea why it turned out like this. But towards the end of the video, she read it again without any pictures. That also shows that she can recognize the words. (by the way, this video is taken as per ern’s request!)

There are actually quite a few more mandarin books that she can read. Will take the videos when she request again.

This is her first official drawing that she did few days ago. It was whales! I have to mention that there’s something about whales that is special to her. Many months ago I bought diapers which has animal pictures printed on them. She refused to wear the ones with whales. Till today she still refuse to wear them and will only want to hold that whale diaper in her hand. At times she will even bring it to sleep with her.


Oh yes, do wish me luck for tomorrow. Will need every bit of it.


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