Her ballet class

My pain is gone. It was a case of tooth decay! Thankfully Dr Tay came back on his day off (Friday) just to see my case. I’ve been to so many dentists and none of them were as responsible and caring as Dr Tay. (raffles hospital)

The moment I met him, I just knew the pain will end that day. His smile makes you feel at ease. Gave me a jab immediately to numb the pain and that was the end of my agony. Root canal treatment was performed and will have to go back for crowning.

I had peaceful sleep from that day onwards. ; )

Since the pain is gone, ern’s mummy is back in action! We took her to baby ballet class yesterday. The intention was really to further help her with her balancing and coordination. (hence improving overall gross motor skills) and since ern loves dancing too much; we thought we should just do it.

I briefly mentioned about taking her to ballet on Friday and she was very excited about it. So excited she was that the first thing when she saw her shichida teacher nana the following morning was about her going to ballet after class!

To be really honest, I’m more keen to sign her up for hip hop dance than ballet. I feel that hip hop suits her character more. But seeing her so happy in the dance studio… Further supported the decision to sign her up. We will see how it progresses from here. Ee fann and I still have this wish to take her out of ballet and switch to hip hop when she turns 4. But ballet is definitely a fantastic foundation for any kind of dance.

In this class, all her classmates are starting second term and anyone will be able to “spot the odd one out”. Hahaha the girls are much more graceful. Anyway if ern isn’t going to be a graceful swan, it’s really fine with us. We just want her to have fun and experience ballet. Oh yes we also signed her up for her first ever ballet recital in May. We are not sure if she is going to perform like a ballerina, but we are very sure she wants to be up on stage again. This girl has no fear at all when it comes to stage performance. In fact she thrives on it.









We signed her up at Cheng Ballet along bukit timah road. It’s quite a small and cozy place with 2 studios. We just sat outside her studio, admiring her every move. ; )

Oh here’s an impromptu video I took in her shichida class. Dancing happily with her friends. She likes this girl – Alyssa on the right. Ern run towards her to greet her each morning ; )


4 thoughts on “Her ballet class

  1. I read your previous post n I’m hoping you are feeling better. May I know which belly school are you sending her to?

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