Disney On Ice 2012

It’s her first Disney on Ice musical at 3 years old and mine at 33 years old. It’s 1 hour and 45 mins excluding the intermission. She sat throughout the whole performance; totally engrossed.

The only part that she didn’t like was the “holloween celebration” where all the devils, witches, skeletons came out. So when Mickey came back on stage to chase them away, ern was all smiles again. When the show finally ended she was all tears and wanted more. (it wasn’t the temtrum kind of tears. She was just sad to leave) So it’s Disney On Ice every year for her now ; )

Getting ready to fetch papa. With her strawberries as her snacks during the journey.


Got some titbits before the show.


Munching on her pocky sticks while waiting for the show to start.


We are very glad that she has enjoyed the show tremendously. It will be one of our family commitment every year. Till next year Disney On Ice!


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