Hi! We are currently “away” for a little while in RWS. (Resorts World Sentosa) Will update on our little holiday when we are back and hopefully fully recovered by then.

About a week ago ern came down with runny nose which eventually turned into phlegmy cough. (keeping my fingers crossed didn’t work) Then the bug got me BIG TIME. I think it’s the worse time to be sick when one is pregnant because you don’t have the “luxury” to MOST of the medicines.

I’ve never experienced this before. The cough was bad, and it made me gasp for oxygen. It’s definitely not asthma. I knew that for a fact as I has childhood asthma. I’m still experiencing the cough and the shortness of breath but not as bad as before. Went to see a doctor (not my usual doc) whom prescribed me old school cough medicine and antibiotics. One look at it I knew that the recovery process isn’t gonna be a smooth sailing one. But I am glad that ern is on the road to full recovery very soon. (yay!!) So ern missed her usual school including shichida, berries and ballet. Her health comes first. All else will have to wait.

Few days back I was so listless. Fortunately it was a weekend and so I had ee fann to keep ern company. I’m not sure if it’s the cough or was it the medicine; it just made me so tired all day. I literally slept the whole day, only waking up for toilet breaks and medicine routine. And as always, ern was the sweetest. She will lay by my side, gave me comforting words of reassurance when I’m coughing my lungs out. Left the room only when she is totally convinced that I’m asleep.

As I drifted in and out of sleep, I had the most wonderful moments of eveasdropping what was happening outside the bedroom. It was pure bonding time between a father and a daughter. I wish I could wake up to join them but I guess it’s also best to leave them alone. I remembered them having wonderful conversations, with ern chuckling away… Ee fann gave her his 101% attention and spoke to her ever so gently… I can easily picture them locking in each other’s glance like lovers do. I also recalled ern requesting to do MANY activities like tracing on stencils, tangram puzzles repeatedly (all of which ee fann picked up during the recent popular sale at expo). I’m sure they did many other activities together when I drifted back to sleep again. When I managed to open my eyes again I knew it was late. Way beyond ern’s usual sleeping time and I can still hear lots of happiness going on outside so I left them again and drifted back to sleep.

Finally when ern is ready, she joined me in bed. Ee fann read her a couple of stories (a mandatory routine set by ern) and she was fast asleep as soon as the stories ended.

Such patience displayed by ee fann is beyond me. I’m a “okay last 5 minutes” person and as such; I’m very thankful for having ee fann as my life long partner and I’m sure to ern; he was the greatest papa ever.

And oh! I do have some other fantastic mandarin reading materials to recommend. Will see if ern is willing to be their “spokes-person” and if so it will be accompanied with her video as “commercial evidence”.

Have a beautiful week.

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