Our Saturday

It’s yet another playdate ; ) she looks forward to everyone of them.

This time it’s dinner at riders cafe. We went to Jacob ballas garden first to let them have some roaming fun. Ryan joined us much later at riders as he has decided to nap at the very last minute. The weather was gorgeous. And so it was truly non-stop action from 5pm (at Jacob ballas) till late (at riders cafe).

Ern probably only sat down on the dining table for 30 minutes or so; rushing through her dinner before gathering her friends for more action! As usual, we left them to their fathers and we the mummies sat down for casual, relaxing chats.

We exchanged home practice materials and leona actually made a bag pack each for ern and Brayden!! We felt soooo loved ; ) Ern loved her new bag because there were ballerina prints on it. I particularly liked the ribbon that lined around the bag. Am still thinking how leona managed to keep the ribbon from running while sewing it to the bag.

Till now ern kept mimicking the poise of the ballerina on the bag. Ultra funny coz she couldn’t keep her balance and looks like a little hippo trying to stand on one foot. And the materials Alicia made were rock solid. I was just thinking about giving ern more memory stuff and Alicia read my mind ; ) if you had seen the amount and quality of stuff she did, you will be blown away! Not only that… Alicia also did special princess flash cards for ern. Ern loved it so much! Just 2 days ago I had to flash the same stack of princess themed flashcards like more than 20 times in a single seating! Ee fann can vouch for that!

As usual we talked about their developments (interlectually, socially etc) what the kiddos are into at the moment, the kind of activities we do at home, more ideas on what we can do… And gossiping away.. It’s really very fortunate to be able to find like minded people, encouraging and spurring each other on. Making up materials for ern to practice at home can be very tiring (and lonely) so it really helps a lot when I know the stuff that I’m making will not only benefit ern but her friends as well. That’s my main source of motivation. And not forgetting that my skills on the computer are limited. So it’s truly a case of 3 heads are better than 1!

When ern first started shichida, I did try to get other shichida mummies to form such “alliance” but it didn’t happen as most of them have their own agenda.

Now ee fann is so used to us exchanging stuff. He calls this the “exchange program”. ; )

Here are some pictures taken at Jacobs ballas children’s garden:




These pictures are taken by ern. She asks for the phone to take some pictures of Brayden. Not too bad uh?



I saw this picture in my phone and it definitely wasn’t taken by me nor ern. Could possibly be taken by Brayden.


Water parade time:



They had did so much there! Running around, discovering the different types of plants, fruits (some are unidentified) vegetables, spotted a couple of centipedes, crossing the suspension bridge countless times. Ern calls it the “shaking bridge”. But I do suppose it wouldn’t be that much fun without the right company ; )

We have planned a couple more outings. The next one will be “three little pigs”! Time for some fairytale!

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