First attempt with watercolour


This is what we gathered:
2 plastic containers filled with water to clean the brushes.
Unwanted cosmetic brushes
Cotton swabs and pads (which we forgot to use)
Watercolours (cobalt blue, yellow and red)
Watercolour paper
Some good and fun spirit.

The watercolour paper really makes a big difference as it could hold the water so well. So well that we really should attempt layering the colours the next round. I’m pretty amazed how the colours mixes so beautifully and effortlessly. No matter what you try to do with it; dripping water to the colour, adding salt, the effect looks very artistic.



As always, we only use the primary colours to get other colours. The next round I will be adding two more hues – black and white to the palette.




This should be her favourite part – adding the salt all over. The thing I realized is that salt must only be added when the colours are still “shiny” (damp) not too wet nor too dry. If it’s too wet, the outcome will not look like sparkles but big blotches (which is still nice) and if it’s too dry, nothing happens.


I did not realise ern had placed her little parrot on the table till the masterpiece is done. I would like to think that that’s the source of her inspiration. ; )


That’s how it looks like before shaking off the salt.


There!! Nicely done!



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