Our usual kakis have been talking about arts stuff for the kiddos; It gave me the sudden urge to wanna do more artsy painting with ern. This time -watercolour. Guess it’s the right time to have a little more practice before the kids get together to design their “personal club logo” at the next get together! ; )

At the moment, ern’s collection of paint medium is just a few huge bottles of tempera paints. Have never thought about watercolor till of late.

Made a trip to artfriend, got the watercolours, watercolour paper, foam stickers and some other random items which I will keep in my art drawer and await for future inspiration. I’m not exactly sure how to go about painting using watercolours but I do suppose not knowing what will happen is the fun part! Will be experimenting them with ern tomorrow.

My next inspiration is to create more math materials similar to what I’ve done for the kiddos recently. As I was having breakfast with ern and ee fann this morning, I received a text message from Alicia telling me how much Brayden has enjoyed those cartoon character math materials. It does give me tonnes of encouragement to wanna create even more. ; )

I was at Liang Court this afternoon for an assignment and saw cute little nail stickers and got them for my little vainpot.



Cool huh?! (oh! That’s my mum in the background and the aloof little Jack Russel – rocky at the corner)

The evening was spent having dinner at central before ee fann flys off. Japanese food as requested by ern. She ate so heartily!

We had a fantastic view overlooking the Singapore river. And she was deep in thoughts.



If only I could enter her world for just a brief moment ….


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