Who’s birthday?

Last week I had to sit through a five days course which may I say is quite energy draining and mind boggling? Had to pay attention in class since there will be an exam after the course. I’m glad that it’s over now and everything is back to normal!

We celebrated ee fann’s (and ern’s) birthday a couple of times over dinner with the mandatory cake and candle. The little imp insisted that it’s also her birthday and so we celebrated “their” birthdays “together”.






April 14th is ee fann’s official birthday and we took ern to watch “three little pigs” together with her friends, Ryan a d Brayden. This meetup was prearranged a long time ago. The play is pretty entertaining and we are hoping to catch the next one “cat in the hat” after leona and I popped.

So what has ern been doing for the past one week? Lots of serious play and doing “nothing”.







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