Ern is down with runny nose and cough. So the entire day she is either in the room resting or in my arms. Like most children, ern and myself are inseparable when she isn’t feeling her best. She even skipped her story time today which i’m surprised. I suppose the medication is really making her tired and drowsy. We had plans to make strawberry Popsicles today but that will have to wait for now..

But anyhow to date she has recognized roughly 50 Chinese characters and once she has recognized the most commonly used Chinese characters – 500 characters; she will be able to read a book with little or no help. just one character a day is all it takes and it’s really very encouraging to teach her Chinese when she is showing so much interest. If we can achieve those 500 characters in 1.5 or even 2 years time, it will definitely lay a strong foundation way before she goes to primary school. And I will take full credit for that! Ok maybe some credit goes to ee fann since he pays for most of her stuff ; )

In other news, we have decided to pull her out from school as her school is currently too crowded. We will miss her monthly excursions and especially the year end performance and all other miscellaneous performances but her health takes priority. I mean hospital stay versus concert performance… It’s not a difficult option. Will home school her for now and she will very likely just go to kindergarten direct.

We also have definite plans to shift house early next year to a place nearer to ern’s future primary school. The purchase is definite however whether we will be occupying the place immediately; will depend on ee fann’s placement in Stanford. If he is accepted, then we will be there for a year and then settle back in our final nest.

Really hope that ern recovers as soon as possible as this weekend is yet another gathering with her friends!
It’s a popiah party cum burger cum chicken wings party! Most important of all, the kiddos will be designing some stuff to produce their much anticipated “club logo” (member identity). Will reveal the final product when it is ready!


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