My worst enemy

It happened at 9.30pm. Ern was playing on the bed while I got up to use the toilet. Then I saw it!! A big cockroach. To make matters worse; a flying one. Nevermind about using the toilet. I got up from the seat, instinctively went to pick ern up from the bed and fled from the scene.

Knocked my helper’s door helplessly and asked her to get rid of it. My helper than ran into my room as if there was fire. Hilarious I must say but to me it’s really that frightening and demands immediate attention.

I then explained to ern what exactly happened and she said “cockroach?! Oh! Nevermind I know what to do!” she then went to find her house fly swatter (sonething she plays with and she understands it’s usage) but it was no where in sight then she said “it’s okay mummy, I will use a bowl to catch it.” (so much for critical thinking) She then went to reach for a plastic bowl and went into the room to “assist” my helper. “where is it aunty Christine? Did you find it? I will use the bowl.” The thing is I didn’t want to pass on my fear to her and tried my best to gather all my courage (whatever that’s left of) and stood behind her; pretending that it’s really no big deal.

Guess what… We couldn’t find it. Ern really searched the room very well. Flipped the comforter, checked behind the door, went into the toilet etc.. but really it just seemed to have disappeared. She was terribly upset that she couldn’t find it and silly me, in a bid to cheer her up, promised to find her another one tomorrow!

While putting her to sleep, I praised her for her quick thinking and bravery; something that I totally lost the moment i saw the cockroach. Panic set in instead. She is sleeping now… But I’m still on the lookout!

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