Progress update

Recently we did phonics which we conveniently stopped (lazy) for a long time. Back then I was contented (lazy) that she knows her alphabet sounds but only recently I thought it’s time to help her understand how to “blend” them together. I do understand that some methods uses flashcards to teach words but I’m not in favour of that. If ern could decode the words using phonics it will be easier for her to read in future. When I first started to teach her “blending”, I thought it should come naturally since she knows all the alphabet sounds but it wasnt the case. Sometimes things that we assume to be easy may not seem to be the case to them.

For instance addition and subtraction seems easy to grasp but you don’t jump the gun and teach multiplication and division first and assume that addition and subtraction will come naturally. (I know, this is a stupid Example but there really are people doing that. if you know the LOGIC and SCIENCE behind it, please share with me.) Doing that will only confuses and frustrates them. Who can blame them since they arent einsteins! : ) So, it’s back to basics ; )

So When I read, I sound out the letters and then blend them together and by demonstrating that, it allows ern to understand how it should be done. Right now she will try to sound and blend them herself. Definitely not an independent reader yet, but we will get there one day! Currently she we are reading books from Oxford reading tree, BOB books (loaned from dear friend Leona) and I saw some Pelangi ones at a recent fair near my place, seems pretty good too. Can definitely check them out.

Couple of days ago, we were lazing around in the living room with the Television switched on, it was some Chanel 8 show which I wasn’t paying attention to. Ern was sitting next to me and suddenly I heard her saying some Chinese words. I was puzzled as what she was saying did not make sense. I looked at her and then realized that she was reading the Chinese subtitles! But of course, she couldn’t complete the whole sentence, she skipped the characters that she don’t know; very much like what one would have done during a Chinese oral examination. The diction was accurate, speed was good, accuracy and confidence was there. I was so happy! I know that ern is making good progress on her Chinese but I honestly wasn’t expecting “results” . I definitely can’t read Chinese like her at her age. (3 years old) She indeed gave me a lot of reassurance that what we are doing at home is right. ; ) Told eefann what happened and he was really pleased.

I suppose teaching “academic” stuff to your kids definitely has it’s advantages over teachers teaching them in school because you teach them at THEIR own pace since every kid develops at a different pace. Some faster, some slower. But the most important thing is not to compare with the peers and give undue pressure to yourself and the kid consciously or subconsciously. Don’t kill the love of life long learning. Develop them. It takes a lot of patience and sometimes I’m guilty of losing them myself. : ) My solution: have no expectations and it will be so much more enjoyable.

Home educators; jia you!


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