No school days

Has she been asking to go back to school? … Not really. Only once a few days ago. She said she misses her teacher. But the teacher that she misses has recently left the school. I didn’t tell her that for fear that she will keep harping on it and asking me why.

Anyway, since she isn’t attending school for now, I plan her daily “activities” which include pretend play, sometimes we replace pretend play with “real hands on play”, math (simple addition or patterning or puzzles or clock reading etc), science (experiments), arts and crafts, memory games, reading time, ipad time, what ern wants to do time and other misc stuff like writing, dancing, “flying” and “climbing” (only ee fann can do with her for now)

What are the fun things we did today?

We baked pandan cake!

Pound the leaves to extract the juice..

After sometime she felt that pounding the leaves isn’t fun afterall. So we did some science experiment in between.

Put some food colouring into the water and added oil. Give it a good shake And see if they mix ; )


In goes the eggs… Beat the eggs!


And the sugar..

C-o-c-o-n-u-t coconut milk!



I did the whisking of the egg whites as she didn’t like the sound of the mixer. She combined the two batters together and continued mixing them in batches. In fact I didn’t bother to check on how well the stuff has been mixed by ern. Having a less than perfect pandan cake was fine with me. I wanted her to “take charge” and ” took instructions from her”. She will tell me when she is done mixing this and that and I will give her the next ingredient. It’s fun!



I totally forgot to take a picture of the freshly cut pandan cake. Luckily this piece was reserved for ee fann. By the way, it tastes heavenly. It’s moist; not dry the way i like it. So far only Bengawan solo is able to bake moist pandan cakes.

After today, I doubt we will buy anymore pandan cakes for a long time ; )

Oh and in the evening, we went to pick some leave for tomorrow’s science lesson and leave printing (arts and craft)

So far we are able to complete all that we set out to do. Maybe because if you really look at it, it really isn’t that much to do ; ) let’s hope we can continue with this after the second one is out!


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