The much awaited popiah party

The party should have been held 2 weeks ago but ern wasn’t feeling well so postponed. Well… Ern still isn’t well (still coughing) but we decided to just go ahead because everything that’s going to happen during the party is just too tempting to postpone again.

We were the last to arrive (at around 6pm) and as usual, we let them play around for abit before we began to start the “club logo” session. I thought of this “logo” idea as i’ve noticed that whenever they are together, if any one of them holds anything; be it a marker or a flower anything really, the rest of them must be holding the same item. Different colour is acceptable to them but items must be the same. And since ern just started her “artistic journey”, what could be more suitable than letting the kids do some artwork right? The idea is to have them paint anything of their choice; totally unguided and then have the end product profesionally printed on a T-shirt. So the next time they were to meet again; yes, they will be wearing the same T-shirt. Something that is uniquely theirs. Something we hope they will be proud of. (will do an update on this post when the T-shirt is ready)

Ern took her time to paint while Ryan and Brayden were fast enough to complete 2 beautiful paintings. Kids truly are natural born artists. Somehow no matter how they “scribble” or doodle, it still look very arty. I suppose they lost this instintive artistic talent in them when they have to conform to the norm of painting where they are “guided” to paint.





When they are done with it, we proceeded with dinner! The menu are scrumptious! All prepared by leona and Richard. Definitely there is the DIY popiah from the famous stall in joo chiat, Ramly burger from K.L, twice baked potato which Leona painstakingly stuffed till 1am, steak, chicken pasta soup (for the kiddos but they were too busy playing.) There were also some other stuff for the BBQ such as corn, sausages, onion, luncheon meat etc… Alicia also brought yummy fruit salad. She threw in purple cabbage for added crunch which is a fantastic idea. I am very sure the menu which I have listed out is incomplete. (pregnant ladies tend to be forgetful.) It must have taken Leona and Richard lots of time getting the ingredients, preparing and cooking them. (not forgetting the after party mess) Ee fann and I always feel very apologetic about the mess but definitely very grateful to be invited! This could well be a last cozy meetup till we deliver and settles down. Definitely going to miss this!

















They had a Superb time having picnic under the stars. After they are done with their meals, it’s back to some serious fun!


There were lots of joy and also some tears too. The issue of sharing has never been a problem for ern but she took me by surprise when she just simply refuse to or to take turns today. I’m not sure why but we talked to her during the journey back home, let’s wait and observe again.

For the finale, we had a cake to celebrate mother’s day. The kids, as always were the ones to blow out the candles.




Sweet toothed ern finished the slice of cake by herself. And then came the kinder surprise which Alicia brought. (one of ern’s favourite indulgence)




Is the cake delicious? Take a look at the next picture!


Then it was back to playtime in Ryan’s room. By then it was almost 11pm. While the kids were playing, the mummies were chatting leisurely – something I look forward to because it’s very relaxing to just sit down, slow down and chat the night away.

Pretty much towards the end, ern decided to do another painting. But thus time she sat upright – that being her first. I think she likes it.




We finally called it a day at 11.30pm, Alicia and I was keeping our fingers crossed for the seperation of the children to be a smooth one… It wasn’t that difficult. No tears just some nagging from ern, telling us not to drive off without Brayden’s car moving off first. As always,we left with bags and bags (and bags) if stuff! Home practice materials and other materials (3 big bags full! Love you guys!) and the unfinished food which will settle some of our meals tomorrow.

By the time we reached home, it was past midnight. I thought I could skip some reading…. But ern still insisted on learning another new Chinese character. Oh well.. She finally slept at 1am.

And to all the mothers, happy mother’s day!


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