Revealing our mini project

We were working on our very first lapbook – on frogs. Ern already knew about it’s life cycle but eversince the project, she knew much more than just the life cycle. Most importantly she enjoyed the whole process of it. I got her involved in some writing, pasting, crafting, painting etc…

We first went to the library to get more books on frogs, read them over and over again : ) then I surfed the Internet for some ready made resources and made other materials and got down to putting them altogether. I am very pleased that ern is very receptive of the idea and we are moving on to the next topic tomorrow.

Here it is! Our very first lapbook:









We sang song “five little speckled frogs” and she loved removing each frog when it’s time for them to “jump into the pond”.



There’s also a mini arts and craft session using a paper plate painted in green for it’s body, the feet are actually ern’s hand print, googly eyes and a smiley face. All done by ern. (I did the cutting of the feet)


Got this mini book online for free. She loves to read this repeatedly.


We did simple addition as well.


Differences between a frog and a toad.. She loves to point out the bull frog (third one from the top) because she remember having touched a life one before at a coffee shop near my mum’s place.


Here’s a short video of her doing sone rhyming words:

So that’s about it for our “frog lapbook”. Try it and you will know that it’s worth it ; )


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