Maternity shoot

All three of us went for maternity shoot at studio loft together with Leona, Richard and Ryan. If I can recall correctly, about a month ago I was telling them (Alicia and Leona) how camera shy me and ee fann am so we will not be taking any bloom shoot. Having been doing makeover for many people in the studio, I have always admired people who are able to relax infront of the camera. My last studio shoot was years ago – our wedding studio shoot. Even then ee fann and I didnt enjoy ourselves. How can one smile so naturally when….

“Bride, tilt your head a little, shoulder back a little…. no no… too much .. just a little… ok now your leg … I need you to… and then your right hand put…. left hand hold…. ok ready… SNAP. One more time, bride you didnt smile…. ok try again, this time smile naturally… I mean how could one smile naturally when EVERYTHING is soooo staged right? So Im always in awe each time I see beautiful portraits being taken.

Then came the surprise! Leona gave us a maternity package with Studio Loft as a gift. She felt that since this is going to be my last pregnancy it will very memorable to have the pictures taken. It was a really nice gesture and we went for the shoot together on the same day. It gave me another chance to overcome my “my camera shyness”. We talked about what to wear for the shoot etc… I even borrowed some clothes from Leona for the shoot (and other events) Technically, EVERTHING was taken care of! How cool is that?

With ern around ee fann and I did not take any couple shots as Ern wants to be in every picture together with us which is perfectly fine with us. We are more than happy to have her around.

Will update the pictures here when it’s ready!


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