Outing with friends

We are currently working on our next science theme – butterfly. We have pretty much covered everything and would love to pay a visit to a “butterfly park” and get a caterpillar kit home to watch it “live”. Told the gang about it and they too decided to join us which really made a lot of difference. Ern was thrilled when I told her that her friends will be there with her too. Indeed, if not for the gang, I suppose ee fann and I would have left the butterfly lodge in less than 20 minutes because of the super hot weather! We were all sweltering! But seeing how the kids enjoyed themselves; oblivious to the heat; we stayed much longer than we would have otherwise.

After touring the butterfly lodge, we went to get a caterpillar kit. Each kit comes with 2 caterpillars (leopard laced wings) and food (leaves) for them. It costs only $4. Ern was so delighted to have her very own caterpillars even though her first choice was a monarch caterpillar….

Then we went for lunch at a very quiet and cozy place near Sembawang beach – recommended by Leona and Richard. Food is really good. Im beginning to suspect that the food will always be good with the right company. : )

As for the kids …. they never bother much about the food when they are together. Their “mission” was to finish their food as soon as they can, and play like crazy. So far whenever they are together, they really stick together till it is time to go. And each time when we see them being so happy together, even though it is really way past the time to go home, we will still hold and prolong the stay a little longer.

Here are some pictures to share:


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