Project butterfly

Releasing the butterfly

Yesterday we met Alicia and family for brunch at Rider’s cafe. It was a short affair as ee fann had a meeting at 1.30pm and I wasn’t feeling very well. The medication made me drowsy and all I want to do is sleep.

I left ern at her own device, play with her toys, pretend play cooking, selling ice creams, play doh, talking to her pretend friends etc…. I didn’t do anything “constructive” with her and felt even a little guilty of “not doing anything”. Just when I thought it was almost time to call it a day, ern asked to play building blocks, IQ worksheets, mazes, colouring, phonics, writing and the lists goes on. I know some parents are turned off by the “academic” things that we do at home. I’ve also questioned myself that several times if teaching so much stuff is appropriate. But yesterday ern just answered my question. She wants to do all those things and has insatiable appetite to constantly learn new things. To which I am very pleased. If you are also a parent who honeschools your child, you will then understand the joy of doing and learning new things together. And once you start, the journey never ends ; )

Here is another project that we worked on for the last 2 weeks. Butterfly. We worked on it at her pace and the topics were all chosen by her.







The different species of butterflies.




This is a little pocket where I keep all the miscellaneous stuff.


Math worksheet.


Compound words.


Made her her mini book using some pictures taken during the trip to the butterfly lodge.


12 pages excluding the cover page.


Butterfly craft.




We are done for butterfly and am waiting for the pupa to turn into a butterfly. By the way, she brings the chrysalis to the bedroom every night. Her next request is to find out more on Bees. No we won’t be bringing a bee home… Maybe a different variety of honey! ; )


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