Ern has been sleeping past midnight for the last few nights and so today we slept in a little later …. Since it’s a Sunday? Woke up with a slight headache but still decided to make another round of waffle for breakfast. This time we added chocolate chips. It’s seriously good with chocolate chips. It could even be better with ice cream! We skipped the ice cream as all of us are coughing.

As always, ern helped out in the making of the waffle. She is getting better and better with practice. Knowing what is to be done first and so on.. quite a handy helper and I mean it.





We cooked dinner too! Ern has been asking (and asking) for onion soup and so we cooked that and beef bolognaise for dinner. She too helped out a little; preparing the ingredients by pounding the black pepper corns. I love to get her involved in the kitchen as there are so many things for her to explore. The smell of the fresh herbs, it’s name, it’s taste…. Peeling things as a practice for fine motor skills… Adding more flour thickens the batter and makes it harder to mix together.. She loves chopping things so whenever there is an opportunity to do so, I let her do it using “Kaya knive”. When she knows she has a part in preparing dinner, it somehow makes the meal taste better too.

As she was slurping her onion soup she said (twice – in case I didn’t hear her) “thank you for the onion soup mom.” (yeah she has decided to call me mom for a while now)

Hope you had a fantastic weekend too!


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