Project Bee

Our pupa has turned into a butterfly few days ago and that officially wraps up project butterfly.

When it first came out of the chrysalis it will need to pump blood to the wings to “strengthen” it. Somehow the blood dripped out from it’s abdomen and ern thought she harmed the butterfly (she touched it) and almost cried.

We left the butterfly to dry it’s wings, went out for lunch, came back and released it. It felt so good to know that there’s a new beginning of life. (for the butterfly it’s the second life) It just makes your day a very positive one. While ern is very excited and happy with the whole process, she is still hoping that her butterflies will return to her one day. ; )

(her leopard lace wing butterfly)

Now we have moved on to bees!
Here’s something she did this morning, unguided:


If you look carefully at the butterfly’s hind leg, she added a pollen basket (the place where bee keeps it’s pollen) and the black line from the bee’s “mouth” to the flower is it’s proboscis, sucking the flower nectar. ; ) it looks perfect to me ; )


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