My little pony

She Loves them! She will surf the you tube for the videos just before her naptime. Somewhat like her lullaby before bedtime and she will be on it for at least 40 minutes.

Got her her first pony collection – rainbow dash. Will build her collection bit by bit.

And oh this week is the 38th week into my pregnancy! I’ve not put much thought into this pregnancy it’s almost as if i’m not pregnant except for the weight, all else remains the same. I still eat as per normal, bring ern to classes, spend time with her doing things together. I must say that although the first trimester was horrible, the last trimester was pretty great! I even feel that my energy level is better than second trimester’s. The best thing is unlike the time when I had ern, this time round I do not have toilet visits at night. Not at all. It’s just fantastic!

I’m still not excited about what’s about to happen soon (the delivery). I might be when it’s really happening. All I want to do now is to spend time with ern as much as I can; her being my only child. I know ern is ready to be a big sister(she is even more ready than I am)and I’m really glad. So let’s hope I don’t screw things up when the number two comes along.

Here’s something to document down on ern’s learning journey:


Some patterning she does at home, given by dear Alicia.


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