Our lifetime bliss and bother number 2

Name is Wu Zi En.

On 6th June, we went to see my gynae in the morning. I could feel that the baby is in an engaged position. Somehow I just knew that the little one will be out real soon. So I told ee fann that today should be my last appointment with Dr Choo. He was in a little disbelieve. But one should never doubt a mother’s instinct. Ha!

When we were back home, ern rubbed my tummy in a circular motion and said “baby mei mei can come out now.” Apparently, that action is also used by midwives during labour to “assist” the baby out of the womb, like a signal to the baby.

Ern and I carried on our activities for the day, had our lunch and took our nap. At around 4.30pm I was woken up from lower back pain. I didn’t think it was contraction till the pain was unbearable and then at 7pm I timed it’s frequency. It was every 5 minutes. Ern saw my cramped face and was scared and kept asking me if I’m alright and what happened. When I told her baby mei mei is coming out, she smiled.

Called ee fann to come back as soon as possible. He reached home in 30 minutes with my durians! Ern and I feasted on them before we left for the hospital. I just shuffed it down my throat in between the contractions, a mad race against time. We finished it before ee fann changed out. And when he did, he said “you finished everything?!” Oh, he is not a durian lover and he won’t understand that it’s impossible to say no to durians especially when it’s strategically placed right infront of you. If I can recall correctly, I think I managed 6 seeds and ern 3 seeds. (she loves durians too *winks*)

Met my mum at the hospital, ern stayed with her,I went to the labour ward and after ee fann has done all the paper work, he sent them home; put ern to sleep before heading back to the hospital again at around 11pm. My mum took care if ern that night. Our first night without each other. Ern and I.

In the labour ward, I was chatting (SMS) with leona and Alicia. By the time ee fann came back, it was around 11pm, the epidural took effect and left me rather sleepy. Watched TV till 12.45am and I knew it was time to push. This time it’s rather fast and easier. It took me 6 contractions and zi ern was out.

During the pushing, I guessed that the epidural dosage may not be enough as I could really feel the pain. True enough, when Dr Choo was stitching me up, I could feel the needle piercing into my skin. Then again, if they had given my “enough” dosage of epidural, I might not have been able to push zi ern out successfully.

I remember when I was pushing ern, I couldn’t really feel the contraction and I definitely do not know how hard I’m pushing.

Zi ern arrived past midnight and just after my mum’s birthday. I was kept in the labour ward for the next 2 hours or so, feeling very relieved and at the same time extremely exhausted.

Next morning, I waited for ern’s arrival to the hospital. I can’t help but feel anxious; not knowing for sure if ern is going to be truly happy about it, wondering if we can adjust nicely as a family. When she came:


She kept wanting to carry her, stroke, kiss and pat her. When zi ern cries, she said “awww…. Don’t cry baby meimei, I will take care of you.” and carried on patting her. My mum took a video of that ; )

When it was time to breastfeed the baby, ern had no problem with “sharing her mummy”. Then of course we got ern presents “on behalf of her little sister”. I think it worked very well because the first thing ern said when she woke up from her nap was “baby mei mei bought me a present.”

Then came a secong surprise for ern in the evening when all her good friends came to visit along with their chaperones – leona and Richard (Ryan), Alicia and Chris (Brayden). They had so much fun in the ward, playing hide and seek, ipad, running around; enjoying the company of one another.

They left for dinner at around 8pm, ee fann took ern along. And with nobody in the room with me, I told myself to cherish this moment and just relax. I gradually drifted off to sleep.

We thank god for smooth delivery, healthy baby, great friends and all the fantastic things that’s happening around us.

A picture of our zi ern just seconds after she was born:


Looks like ern. No?

Now it’s time to chill at home during the confinement with my two princesses.


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