Life with 2 princesses

I think we are quite settled down, ee fann has since returned to work. Life is “back to normal”. I couldn’t be sure to say that it’s “normal” as there is a new addition to care for, but it’s still “normal” because ern is taking it very well.

Let’s talk about a few situations of ern’s protective instinct being an elder sister.

A wasp flew into our house.
Ern ran and grabbed her housefly swatter:
“don’t be afraid, no need to cry. It’s just a wasp. Big sister is here.”
And she went on chasing the wasp with the swatter, trying every attempt to hit it. Ultra cute.

Another situation:
Ee fann usually makes her a cup of Milo before she goes to bed. Whilst
I was in bed with zi ern, before she walked out of the room, she turned around and with her singlish..
“wait here with zi ern. Don’t come out huh. Later she will cry and you have to give her milk. I will be back fast fast ok?”

Ern is the first to rush over to see her little sister when she cries. It seems to her that each time zi ern cries, it’s the case of wanting more milk.
“mom!!!!! She is crying! I think she wants more milk!”

In the morning after ern and I had our cuddles, kisses and whispering sweet nothings, she will move over to the other end of the bed to caress zi ern and end it with a sweet little peck on her cheek. (my mum says that’s the reason why zi ern has milk rash all over her face. O_o)

Night time, she made sure zi ern is on the bed with us before we can start our story time. But of course, when ern is riding her elephant, we will remove zi ern from the bed first. Her elephant? Ee fann of course! She rides on ee fann almost every night! She loves her elephant. ; )

Zi ern is still sleeping alot so there’s actually plenty of time with ern. We try to maintain status quo as much as possible. Though not 100% of what we used to do but good enough! Except that ern is currently very hooked to her ipad (new apps) otherwise we are all good!

There was an occasion when ern asked ef to carry zi ern instead of me carrying zi ern. when we reach a destination, I must be the one to take her out of her carseat and nobody else. But it has long been the case with or without zi ern so this may or may not be a true jealousy case. Hmmm …

Zi ern is waking up every 2 hourly for her milk feed. She doesn’t drink as efficiently as ern as she tends to drift off to sleep before she gets to the hind milk and I have to wake her up all the time…

Some pictures to share:



The picture above shows ern rubbing her head against zi ern. (one of her many ways to show affection)


We spend the day in the living room doing activities whilst zi ern sleeps. This is her; multi tasking. Playing with her duplo, animals and Ipad.

That’s the update for now. : )


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