The arrangement is similar to my last confinement with no confinement lady, except:

– instead of having my mum cooking my confinement food and bringing it over to me which was a real hassle; I catered confinement food. My mum still makes herbal soup and “top up” my confinement food every other day – bliss.

– I decided not to have massage service. Bought myself a binder which till date I’ve not use. Didn’t want any massage service was because I did not enjoy it previously. The massage was fantastic BUT stressful as ern was crying for milk during EVERY massage. (she was on hourly feed) hence I reckon with a toddler and a newborn… I will save myself the stress.

Do I practice all confinement rules… Hell no. I have to shower to keep myself sane. The weather is warm enough and there really isn’t a need to be all covered up. I salute those who follow strict confinement rules! I simply can’t.

Today zi ern is 2 weeks old. Her cute, pimply milk rash is still there ; ) and her baby smell is especially inviting to ern and me. Ern is currently very involved in caring for zi ern. She fetches me her diapers, wipes and without asking, she will bring me a handkerchief when I’m feeding zi ern. She also helps to bathe her and cleanse her face. She is very proud to be a big sister and she loves her little sister dearly.

Few days ago my parents were here. My mum asked ern is she could bring zi ern home. Her reply “no!! Cannot! I need her you know?” In less than 2 weeks, her love for zi ern has grown so strong. I’m more and more certain that they will be the best of friends.

We are more relaxed about our homeschooling now. Doing what we can when we can, focusing more on reading skills and writing for now. The rest of the time is pretend play, play, play and play. When I’m tired, I will set up the easel and get ern to paint. That activity can buy me 20 mins of “doing nothing”, sitting next to her; resting my mind and listening to relaxing music.

When I had only ern, I thought she was a handful. Now that I have 2, taking care of both of them requires not only patience and calmness but also good time management. I’m slowly getting the hang of it. ; )

I’ve got myself a new sling. Balboa sling. I contemplated a wrap. In the end went for a fuss free sling which is also ideal for nursing. Will be using it soon!

My confinement is ending in about 2 weeks time. Cant wait to eat durians again… And laksa… Satay… Char kway teow!


Ern does this almost every morning when she wakes. See the love in her eyes as she wraps her arm over her little sister.. It’s called BOND. : )


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