Our bee project

This has been done before zi ern was born. It’s high time to note it here before it’s forgotten.

I suppose the fantastic thing about lapbooking isn’t just the fun of doing it, not merely the amount of information retained but the immense pride derived from it. Each time we talk about bees or butterflies or frogs, she will pull out the lapbook, turn to the relevant page, show it to me, elaborate further. You can feel that she is very satisfied with her work.

One of the things she loves to do, is to have me post questions to ee fann and once he gets the wrong answer (which is ALL the time *winks*) she hurries to give the correct answer. Quite fun initially… Till I ran out of questions. Repeating the same questions is boring!

Anyway.. Here’s what we did:

Cover page.











The topic on bees can be very intricate if we go into pollination. But i thought we will just stick to BEES for now.

Will move on to another topic when we have decided on one. Or perhaps we will be doing something else!


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