It’s yellow, it’s soft, it’s…

Homemade playdough!

We finally did it this evening! Her playdough is either all dried up or all mixed up with other colours and I kept forgetting to have them replaced. Googled for the recipe for homemade playdough; had all the ingredients and got down to it.

We did the “no cook playdough”.

Gather the ingredients:
(I did some modification to the original playdough)

Vegetable oil (2 tablespoons)
Flour (2 cups)
Water (1.5 cup)
Salt (2 cups)
Cream of tar tar (2 tablespoons)

Mix them all in and add colouring if desired. We had red, green and yellow to choose from and she chose her favourite yellow.








What you see in the picture is only half the playdough we made. We had to knead it by parts as it was too big. So if you don’t want so much dough, you may half the amount of ingredients or alternatively, knead all the dough (without adding any colouring) then divide them into several parts and add different colours to the parts. That way you won’t get a big dough of the same colour. (that was our lesson learnt)

So what did she do with the playdough? Pretend play – selling ice cream (in cups) and cooking.

We will be making other colours soon! But do remember to keep the doughs in air tight containers. Have fun!


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