Family time

Just wanted to say that I am very thankful that I have a choice to choose to work part time, and something I love doing and spend majority of my time with my children and that ee fann is able to have the flexibility of taking time off every now and then to be with us.

We started the day quite early. We reached PD’s office at about 9.30am, left 2 hours and 45 minutes later, went for lunch before going to the garden festival at Suntec City.

2 hours and 45 mins at PD’s office. The super long queue you asked? Nope not really. Zi ern went for her 1 month checkup and ern went for her tests. The first test was a blowing test that took about 30 minutes. That was to determine if she is ready to be off her singulair (a preventive medication she takes on a regular basis to prevent a cough from further complications such as wheezing etc) she had to blow into a tube using only her mouth (inhale and exhale) that had to be done several times. As I had to breastfeed zi ern, ee fann was with ern and it didn’t go too well. Then the super mummy stepped in and everything went well. Hee hee. After the initial blowing procedure is done, she took ventolin puffs to open up the airway and then proceeded with the second and last blowing test. The result (a line graph) concluded that there wasn’t any significant change in her breathing before and after the ventolin. In fact they were pretty close. However, as ern were hospitalised this January and had 2 episodes of wheezing coughs thereafter, after discussing with Dr Liew, we decided to continue with her medication for the next 3 months and review thereafter.

The next test was a skin prick test (ouch!) to test for allergents such as dust mites, dog fur, cockroach etc.. The result was all clear which suggests that her “sensitivity” was all due to viruses.


The picture above shows her back where it was pricked 8 times. She cried of course.. But was all smiles the moment she saw the nurse coming with a lollipop. ; ) then we had to wait for the results and that took up the rest of the time.

Though we are still “at the same spot” after all the tests, at least we know more about ern’s condition. We are getting somewhere and it’s a good start.

This year’s garden festival is alot more elaborate than previous year’s. For a moment we thought we were in Disney Land ; ) ern had a fantastic time there and so did we. And I suppose zi ern is happy to be in the sling the whole day. Ern skipped her nap and we finally reached home at 4.30pm. Not much pictures to show as we prefered to soak in the atmosphere and admirem the art around us.

There was a station that caught my attention. The sign says “adopt a caterpillar”. It was put together by a primary school. I thought I could get another caterpillar home! Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. It showed case the chrysallis and some other works of nature. Ern saw a butterfly in one if the tank and told the auntie “let the butterfly go. It needs to find flower nectar otherwise it will die!” the auntie quickly explained that it just turned into a butterfly today and that it’s wings are still a little wet. Ern said “but it’s not flapping it’s wings. It should flap it’s wings so that it dries faster.” ern then went on to inspect some little crabs etc… The auntie then asked me how old ern is and said she is very smart and inquisitive. ; )



Definitely worth a visit ; )

And a picture of zi ern in her zimbie state after her milk feed this evening:


Happy mid week everyone!


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