Our Sat

Last Saturday evening we were at Rachel’s full month party. A mini one just for us and alicia’s family. : ) when I recollect what happened during the celebration, the first thing that came to my mind was the food! Home cooked food! Yummy and glorious food! No pictures unfortunately… It was ALL in our tummy before we knew it. ALL in the adults tummy and nothing left for the kiddos. It’s really their lost … As usual the children are too busy playing with one another to even think about food.

This time, ern was in for an extra treat as Leona let her dog – max out. Ern was half the time looking and wanting to feed him. Ermmm… Using pretend food which obviously didn’t interest max at all. Nonetheless ern is really pleased to have extra company.

After dinner, we had cake from awfully chocolate and brought home “cupcakes” also from awfully chocolate. If you are a die hard fan of chocolate, those will make you very happy – which ern and I are self declared chocolate lovers.

I chatted with leona’s confinement nanny and learnt a lot from her. That lady has a wealth of knowledge! I’ve forgotten so much stuff on baby care and that night I unlearnt and learned once again. If I remember correctly, she is 64 this year but still looking good ; )


That’s the children finally settling down for dinner. (Richard had them delivered. Fries and nuggets)



Alicia with zi ern ; )

If Alicia had not offered to help me with this picture I don’t think I will have many pictures of us together!


Our yummy cupcakes!! (by the way, all pictures were taken by Alicia. I was too lazy.)


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