Reminiscing the past

It’s Friday. Lovely Friday.

We hurried home after shichida class to receive my friends who were coming to visit. I had been anticipating their coming the whole week!

It has been almost 10 years now and they are still looking really good. I still remember the day I went for the interview by myself, how I got through all the interviews and still uncertain if that’s what I want to do at that point of my life. Being an SIA girl has never crossed my mind before. I saw the recruitment advertisement and just went for the interview with absolutely no desire to be selected. (largely because I seriously don’t think I will pass the interviews) First day of training was still nonetheless exciting. Don’t know how it’s going to be conducted, what’s the secret training behind all the well groomed girls, whom I’m going to meet etc..

As days pass, clicks were formed and friendship blossomed. Training for 4 months isn’t that difficult but having lunch in the same canteen for 4 months isn’t a joke. We resorted to instant noodles! Hid ourselves in the storeroom, so happy were we, gossiping and giggling as we ate our noodles, did our first SIA girl makeup, learnt how to bun our hair, holding the melamine tray with 36 cups, took measurements for the uniform and for the very first time too; don on the uniform for fitting..

Those were the memories that I hold dear. Today, we are all mothers. It seriously did not seem too long ago that we were all pregnant. Though cliche, but time really flies. Kristal’s Caleb is 4 years old, Nicole’s Aydan is 3. In a way all 3 of us “matured” together. We used to talk about everything except children but now our conversation centred around our children. As the fathers were not around, and the mothers really needed to catch up, we gave the children iPhones, ipad and left them at their own device.

Though the gathering was only 3.5 hours, not as long as I had hoped but every minute was dearly cherished. There was no pictures taken today because all we really want to do is chat away.

On a side note, ern hasn’t met Caleb for quite a long while and I’m not sure if she still recognizes him but she was ultra cute the moment guests arrive. She offered Caleb fries which was declined twice and went on to offer him nuggets instead. Served them water.. Not only serve them but also waited to put the cups and glasses back on the coffee table. Minutes later, serves her guests again.. And again… And again. Each time she waited to put the glasses back on the coffee table. That’s top notch hospitality I say!

Their visit has certainly left our Friday on a high and jump started our weekend. Looking forward to more of such gatherings. ; )


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