Zi ern’s vaccination

It’s her second vaccine (the first was given the day she was born) appointment today and as usual we (ern in tow) went to see the PD. I told ern what to expect and she said if zi ern cries, she will tell her that it will soon be over.

The jab was given on her thigh and it definitely hurt alot. Dr Liew said he prefers to inject it on the thigh direct into the muscles instead of the buttocks as the buttocks has alot more fats. So I suppose injecting into the thigh is more effective. Zi ern let out the expected high pitched cry which startled ern a little. She turned around and told said “mummy, I think zi ern mei mei don’t like to be poked.” Upon hearing it, Dr Liew playfully asked ern if she likes to be poked and wants one too. She protested with a “NO! It’s painful you know.” Ultra cute.

We went for lunch at Ion and headed back home to meet my parents. As the day progressed, I noticed zi ern has been rather cranky. Later in the evening when I took her over from my father’s arms, I sensed her temperature heading north. Looked for our usual thermometer but the battery is flat. Ern came running after me and asked “what’s the matter?” I explained that I needed another thermometer to take zi ern’s temperature. The next moment, she came back with our second thermometer. At that moment I felt so relieved and glad. Zi ern was crying so badly and I was ultra glad to have extra helping hands. (my parents and my little angel – rou ern)

Today, ern kept herself entertained, playing her ipad, pretend play, ate her dinner, read her books, brushed her teeth whilst I busied myself with zi ern. Every now and then I will get my father (my mum busied herself in the kitchen) to relieve me while I check in on rou ern.

When I can finally rest my legs on the bed, with zi ern in my arms, ern reached out her hand, placed it in zi ern’s forehead and said “it’s warm mummy.” (she has decided that mummy sounds better than mum.. For now.)

I explained that zi ern isn’t feeling well and may cry at night – She nodded.

I then praised her for being able to keep herself busy and the timely help she rendered when I was searching for a thermometer – She smiled.

To me, she is the world’s best big sister anyone could ever have. Ever.


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