Wednesday was ern’s first arts class. I can’t tell you how excited I was days before the class and even till now I am still very happy about the choice we made.

Few months ago we started “arts” at home. Painting, crafting, drawing etc… And we always had music playing in the background and it made the whole atmosphere so relaxed. Ern will sing the songs and sway her body to the music as she goes along. It’s super therapeutic. It calms us (me) down.

Back in secondary school days, I am definitely not a model student. (extended lunch hours, playing truants…) BUT I will never miss my arts class. I love doing anything to do with arts which also includes sewing and crafting. When I’m at it, I can go on for hours without stopping because nothing else mattered. It’s only me and the “masterpiece” I’m working on.

So far from what I have obseved from how ern does her arts at home, it seems to have the same calming effect on her. Since she enjoys it, we might as well go deeper into it and hence the arts class.

Living a Singapore is stressful enough. I hope ern will have some form of outlet to release the stress. Having said that, music will be another area we will be looking at when she turns 4. Ee fann was in the band, his instrument was clarinet whilst I was in the Chinese orchestra playing er hu (also known as the Chinese violin). So yes, playing a musical instrument also has the same calming effect. She has been telling me that she wants to learn piano… But I feel she isn’t quite ready yet.

A week ago I have been collecting newspaper and thinking of paper mâché projects and guess what? Her first lesson was paper mâché! I will reveal her work next week when it is finally ready ; )


Going for her lesson.



Playing with the friendly receptionist before class starts.


Met her new classmate – Ethan. In less than a minute, she chased him around, inviting him to play with her.


Messy classroom. I LIKE ; )

The lesson is an hour long. Arts is about 45 minutes and the rest of the 15 minutes includes washing up and story telling. After we dropped her off, we went to the nearby temple and had organic vegetarian food.


It’s some rice with green tea soup. ; )

Her class is artbug along Waterloo street ; )


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