Few nights ago I have been able to repay my sleep debts bit by bit. Zi ern has been sleeping through 4-5 hours before waking up for milk. So all is good! I wake up refreshed and recharged!

As for my darling Rou Ern, as always, very patient and loving towards her little sister. I think she has matured a little more after being a big sister to Zi Ern. She has always liked taking up responsibilities so her role as a big sister is put to test. Of course, in our eyes, she aced it all.

I do not spend as much time as I used to with ern but we still do stuff together as much as possible. When Im busy with Zi Ern, activity “stations” are set up and ern will choose and get on with them. When I’m desperate; ipad is always a convenient option ; )

Here’s what I did this morning:

At the far end where ern is, she painted a cereal box green, which we will be using it as part of our home practise material. And in the middle is a recently purchased “game” of compound words. And what you see infront are some circle blocks that we purchased for ern to piece into different animal or things.





We still do our daily reading English and Chinese. Will be covering recognition of strokes soon (I hope) but here are some readers that ern LOVES.





Ern wasn’t keen in set A so we skipped to B and C. (we are currently at set C)

Her second best readers are from Oxford reading tree.

Though she is able to read simple books now but I wouldn’t credit it all to the readers…. We actually started with our own phonics “program” at home. Blending sounds together etc… We got the phonics books from pelangi and just followed through since Ern is receptive to it.

Speaking of which reminded me of what ern did a few weeks ago when my friend came to visit.

Ern interupted us when me and my friend were halfway through a conversation, asking me to practise phonics with her, write alphabets and read a book with her. My friend gave me a surprised and approving look. She later admitted to me that she has always thought it was the parents who WANTS the children to do all those stuff and that was her first time witnessing a child actually asking the parent to do those stuff with them. Yeap… We get misunderstood all the time I guess… But I must stress that if ern doesn’t like doing certain activities that I introduced even if it’s painstakingly handmade or expensive, I will not think twice to chuck it aside.

Homeschooling is still a case of trial and error for us and I have a STACK of materials stashed away, 95% are purchased; waiting to be given away… Not that the materials aren’t “good” but it’s just not ern’s style of learning.. SO! These days I will visit bookshops, get inspirations from the books there and make materials to suit ern’s style of learning.

As of now, we are all good. ; )


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