Headed out at 8.30am for breakfast at Wendy’s before ern’s arts class at 10.30am. Whenever I have Zi ern in tow with me, I will have to consider the traveling time and expected traffic. Traveling time is best kept within 40 minutes and hell NO to heavy traffic. If any of the conditions are not met; I will have a wailing baby = stressed driving.

Today, at 8.30am, traffic is just as conjested. : ((


Matching sister outfits! Thanks aunty Nicole!

After her class ended, we celebrated Aydan’s third birthday (nicole’s son)at Dome – Waterloo street. They had ice cream and chocolate molten cake to end the celebration. Yummmmzz!


Some activities whilst waiting for the food…


Kristal with zi ern.


Nicole with zi ern


Auntie kristal and Nicole Cutting zi ern’s nails!!!!! Wahahahaha!!
(one can never guess what’s in a lady’s bag.)


Ern came home to a box of durians, bought by her doting grandparents : )



The 2 pictures are not taken today but it is something that ern does frequently – helping out in the kitchen.

I was exhausted after reaching home and fell asleep with ern while my dad looked after Zi Ern. My parents are the greatest help ever! Not only can I go out to work/ run errands / spend more time with ern / rest, we also get to eat delicious home cooked dinner lovingly prepared by my mum. Ern has since developed a habit of requesting her next menu each time before my parents leave. Spoilt rotten!

It’s mid week! Enjoy the rest of the week!


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