Linking memory

We have been asked several times about the way we does linking memory at home and so I thought it’s good to put up a short video.

The linking memory set purchased from shichida consist of 3 A3 sized pictures (50 pictures in each set), the story to link the pictures up and a CD. We were supposed to go through the CD a few times before we start to link them up. We skipped this step and instead, I will read the story and as I read, ern will point to the relevant pictures as I go along. I start with 20 cards then the following day I will add another 10 cards and ern will link 30 cards, and the following; 40 cards. To link all 40 cards, the story made it easy! These videos are taken when ern had already done her final linking of 40 cards and hence it’s her second time linking all 40 cards and the story doesn’t seem to matter anymore. She seemed to have memorised the sequence and hence does it without much thinking.

So here are the short clips:
We did them in sets of 10 cards. So 40 cards altogether.


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