Art bug

Today she completed her crocodile artwork (took 2 lessons) but it ain’t going to be home with us till end October as the school wants to put her crocodile and other children’s craft up for exhibition. The finer details aren’t finalised yet but it’s an art exhibition cum Halloween party.

I thought since we won’t be bringing it home I should at least snap a picture or two.

Went into her class, and whilst I was snapping pictures, teacher sun came up to me and filled me in with her observations of ern. I am not trying to boast, in fact I’m thinking hard how not to make it sound arrogant.

She said “ern’s motor skills are good”. I’m actually surprised when she said that because she has peers who have much better motor skills (fine and gross) and hence I’ve always thought ern’s fine motor skills are “okay”.

“She follows instructions very well and could draw circles for the tail, eyes, eyeballs and even added eyelashes when I asked her to. Her zig zag lines (sharp teeth) are good. She paints very well. For many children when you ask them to paint, they will keep painting at the same spot. But rou ern knows to paint the rest of the white spaces etc… ”

In the end she asked if ern does painting at home. I replied “it’s more like doodling.”

I do think that many children at ern’s age will be able to do all that teacher sun has mentioned or even more. However the way teacher sun described ern’s development, she seemed impressed. Nonetheless it feels good, as a parent to hear these things.


Ern was looking at teacher Sun’s camera instead of mine! Hence this funny looking expression.


There! Her crocodile.

Ern always leaves her class with a high note. “see you next week teacher sun!” She enjoys each and every lesson. With every staff in artbug being so warm and cheerful, coming to class just feels so good. hmmm but ern needs to practice looking at the person when bidding her farewells. She always turns her back before she could finish her sentence. And as for me, I always have to resist asking teacher to reveal the next art project. Better let it be a surprise ; )


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