Potty training

It wasn’t intended. It was a coincidence that it happened.

Before ern turned 3, she was able to tell us when she needed to pee and poo but she wasn’t ready to do so in the potty and hence we didn’t push for it.

On Friday evening, after I undressed her; getting her ready for a quick shower, she told me to put her soiled diaper back for her to pee. I asked her to just squat on the toilet floor and pee. She did so without much hesitation. I was thrilled! Took out her panties which I bought a long time back and she agreed to wear them. (she was ok not wearing diaper for the first time)

She continued to pee on the floor the following day and today, she even did her dump and pee in the potty. It wasn’t smooth sailing of course.. She sat in it for 10 minutes and wasn’t successful but I knew she just needed to do it once and it will soon be history so we tried again much later. (I could feel it in my bones that today is the day!)

After she took 2 mouthful of her lunch, her face changed and told me “ok, I’m ready. It’s coming! Faster!” and off she ran to the potty, took off her panty and within seconds, I could smell it in the air. ; )

20 minutes later she needed to pee but I knew she held it. I pretended not to know and didn’t ask. I then purposely prepared water to give zi ern a wipe down. You know how the sound of water works it’s magic? That was how she could pee in the potty. We celebrated by dancing and eating chocolates.

2 hours later, with the excitement slowly wearing off; reality sets in. My little girl has yet hit another milestone. My little girl ain’t that little anymore… As what Leona described, it’s a bittersweet feeling. Am I really ready for this?


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