we did some baking not too long ago. In fact we did quite a few baking sessions of late.

Pull factors:
1. Ern loves to bake.
2. I love to bake
3. we love to EAT!

These days ern does a lot more when it comes to baking. Crack te eggs, beat the eggs, sift the flour, add this add that… She does most of the work except measuring the quantity of ingredients which she will be attempting next time and using the electric mixer. (she still cant get pass the sound the mixer makes)

It is a joy baking with her. There was once my mum joined us in baking Pandan cake. It was lotsa fun.

So these are some of the pictures I managed to take:

my lil chef

butter cake

It’s delicious! But our favourite so far is still chiffon pandan cake. : )



There! Chiffon pandan cake baked recently. Yummy!!


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