Potty training update

Next weekend is an exciting weekend for all of us especially ern. We will be spending a night in JB; visiting legoland and a farm in the company of her friends. She has been looking forward to it EVERYDAY.

Expecting the weather to be hot in legoland, we went shopping for a sun hat for ern and other necessities such as sun block, swim suit for zi ern etc…

Lunch was steamboat at J Pot. An hour through lunch, ern said “I want to da bian” (poo in Chinese) and I asked her to hold it for a while more. (Which i conveniently forgot after 1 minute) 20 minutes later, she told me she needed a potty. When she said potty, I immediately scrapped my intention of letting her poo in her diaper and instead, took her to the ladies toilet, leaving zi ern with ee fann. While I was walking towards the ladies, I wasn’t sure if she is ready for the toilet bowl but its still worth a shot anyhow.

As she sat on it, I held her steady under her armpits and she said that she will do both her pee and her poo; which she did within the minute. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy ern’s toilet training journey is. We were all so happy for her. Ern said “okay mummy, lets go back. Now I can eat more.”

Zi ern throughout our lunch, was wide awake. Waiting patiently for me to have my lunch.



Today is mid autumn festival. (We did a mini celebration cum Richard’s – Ryan’s daddy birthday last weekend)



Happy mid autumn!!


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