Our routine

After lots of adjustments with plenty of methods or ideas that did not work or couldn’t do in the long term, the routine has finally settled in.

First we need to tackle the baby. Zi Ern is a baby that does not sleep longer than 30 minutes in the morning. She wakes up at 7 in the morning with Rou Ern and will nap in 2 hours time for 30 minutes and the cycle continues till the late afternoon which she will sleep longer hours. When she isn’t sleeping, she loves company and dislikes to be left alone. Which means I’m always with her. Not easy as I still have to give Rou Ern the attention she wants.

Rou Ern and I still have our meals together and still do things together. (As much as we can) simple things that does not require my full attention like mazes, painting, cutting with scissors etc…

The activities that requires a little more of my attention will be done after Zi Ern sleeps at night which is around 8pm. This is the time we spend quality time reading, playing blocks or just cuddle up and talk about the day and watch TV.

This routine seems perfect as I can still spend quality time with Rou Ern and her alone. It makes me feel that my time are more balanced between the 2. It makes me happier ; )

Ee fann is most of the time not with us except during the weekends so its a mummy’s juggling act everyday. I think I am better at it with each passing day. I used to wish that Zi Ern could sleep longer so that I can take a breather. Now, I embrace it with all my heart. Rou Ern is a darling who is protective over Zi Ern but of course, there are days she will not want to be too concerned about her lil sister and that’s perfectly fine.

On Rou Ern’s toilet training, She is totally off diapers now. From the time she did her pee on the toilet floor till her being completely off diapers (even at night) took a short 7 days. I can thus conclude that there isn’t much “training” involved here when they are ready.

Something cute to share:

Here’s a video of Rou Ern doing a suprano when she wakes in the morning. Sometimes she will sing her own song. (Her own tune with lyrics that sounds funny)


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