Our slow and relax October

Nothing exciting happening at home. We eased back and decided to do “nothing” and paint away!

Ern’s painting has started looking like something. No more doodling at free will. Could be the influence of her arts class. But one thing I know for sure is she loves to paint. Or rather she loves to sing AND paint. I think if she can have it her way, she would attend her arts class everyday.



The rainbow was inspired by the song that we have been singing “somewhere over the rainbow”. I love how brilliant the hues turn out. Watercolour on watercolour paper is superb.

The next day, she wanted to paint apples! But her first stroke was a straight line and so it ended up looking like a heart. Still looks good to me.




She was quite happy with it and accepted that it looks more like a heart. That same night, after zi ern had turned in, she painted again..


Did you manage to guess what it is? She wanted to paint a pear on a table with a beige background. So I helped her a little by drawing the “table”. Not too bad uh?


I can smell the weekend ; )


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