Halloween Party

Artbug held a Halloween party yesterday and ern was really happy to have Ryan’s company.

Leona and I decided to do dress ups for the kids. Ryan was Peter Pan and baby Rachel was Princess Leia. (Ultra cuteness) Ern wanted to be a fairy and I made her a tutu skirt, using lots of materials from Leona’s craft stash – thank you babe! (Pictures in a while)

Let me share a little secret here: ern is scared of mascots. Shhhh…

The turnout was fantastic! I was so wrong to think that not many children will do dress ups. (There were so many fairies. Hahahaha) Ern went in, after a super warm welcome from all the familiar faces, she busied herself collecting sweets everywhere. It was akin to a busy bee collecting flower nectar and pollen. Until …. She saw someone (a teacher) dressed up as a pumpkin. She cried and went outside “to wait for Ryan”.

When Ryan arrived, she was so happy. They ran towards each other and started talking about their costumes. I can still remember their happy faces.


I did the face painting. Not too bad for an amateur huh? I showed her the YouTube video of face painting and asked if she would allow me to draw on her face. She’s cool with it and did not move during the whole process. It was fun and addictive for the both of us.

Activity wise, there were story telling and activity stations for arts and crafts.











We went for supper after the party ended. When the children paraded on the streets, they naturally drew lots of attention. They were too cute not to look! This is our very first Halloween party and also the very first time we did dress up. I’m already thinking about her next character dress up!

Happy Halloween! And oh do save some treats (sweets etc..) just in case ern comes knocking on your door for trick or treat. Hee hee


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