The 2 sisters

Ern has been on a roll with painting. She paints almost everyday and sometimes twice a day. She has used up tubes and tubes of paints and I couldn’t replenish faster than she could use so I decided to get her watercolour cake instead! More economical and less hassle. The colour payoff is definitely not as good but it will do at least for now.

Couple of days ago she wanted the colour brown for her painting. Before I could reach for the colour, she said “no no no! Just use blue, red and yellow. Mix together.” I remember mixing those 3 Colours to get brown before but that was so long ago. I think she remembered because we recently mixed the play doughs up using those 3 Colours. Anyhow… I’m pleased. : )

Oh since we talked about Colours. Here’s a makeup tip. If u had always wondered about those purple, green and orange colour correctors (loose powder or concealer) if you want to take away the blue especially under the eye area, use orange. To lessen redness, use green. And to reduce yellow (sallow) use purple!

In other news Zi Ern flipped last Friday. Hit yet another milestone. Very soon she will be 5 months then with the blink of an eye, we will be celebrating her one year old birthday and Rou ern would have turned 4.5 years old. My oh my…. Time must really slow down. That thought did strike a fear in me.

Everyday I will feel that I hadn’t spend enough quality time with them individually. (Tell me im not alone here?!) Granted that ern and I spend time at night after zi ern turns in but somehow I still feel that something is still lacking. And Zi Ern doesn’t have much alone time with me. We are talking about mummy time here. Hopefully I can work out something soon!






She calls this painting “the flying flower” can u tell the “wind”?

Her fancy looking spiders.

It’s mid week everyone! ; )


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