Happy 5 months old

It has been an incredible journey so far. Though a second time mum but there is always something new to learn. Like how I will reflect every night on the challenging situations I faced during the day (not all the time, thank god) and think of ways to better handle them in future. It’s not always fun to have the kids around me all the time, it does come with its fair share of hair pulling frustrations and sometimes I wished I can use a magic wand “in you go, back to the womb and be good!” But good times always far outweighs the bad. I think all mothers has it in them to handle all situations even when it’s a what I call the “red zone” situation somehow we still can manage. Mummies we are the greatest no? ; )

Ok so little princess has been drooling and tasting her fingers for 5 months now. She can flip over and lie on her belly for a longer period of time, somehow managed to shove her limbs and slither in a tight circle before calling (me) for help. I do admit that I’ve been a little relaxed with her pictures. I used to take so many pictures for ern on a daily basis! All the Kodak moments are taken with my phone for this little one. Ok I will make a mental note to do something about it. FAST…. Before she lose all her hair! She is dropping ALOT of hair! Think she is balding soon ; (

Zi ern loves to smile. A really smiley baby. She listens intently at everything I say to her and somehow she acknowledges each time I call out “Mei Mei” by turning her head and look at me. In a month’s time she will start taking some solid food but I know that she can’t wait to start! I knew it for a fact because each time we eat she will stare at us and start sucking her own lips. There was once my mum put a spoon in her mouth, she “savored” it! Ern had tongue reflex when I first started her on solids at 6 months. For zi ern, she will have no problem at all. It would be fun to let her taste some food and perhaps get ern to feed her but her main source of food is still milk till she is at least one year old.

And as expected, a baby at 5 months, zi ern grabs everything that is within her reach and puts them into her mouth. But I have a secret weapon for that. The big sister. If ern saw that her little sister is putting things in her mouth, she will take it away from her “no you cannot put this in your mouth (took it away and came back with some rattles) but you can have this.” Damn sweet …. and today, I left the room to retrieve something for ern. When I came back, I saw ern cuddling her little sister, “mummy will be back to give you milk, don’t worry okay?” These are the reasons why I can’t get enough of my little angels.

Happy 5 months to me bring a mother to 2 darlings.
Happy 5 months to Ee fann being a father of 2 princesses.
Happy 5 months to ern being a superb big sister.
Happy 5 months Zi Ern. ; )





That’s her favourite part of the bathing process. The wrap!

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