Party party party

It’s the festive season again! Christmas is near!! We recently host a party for 20 at my in laws place.

I had to prepare dinner for 20 and there were lots of logistics involved and LOTS of cooking! We had always loved playing host but to host a dinner for 20, it’s my first. Overwhelming initially but we sort of managed eventually.

We had to consider the menu, what the guests can’t eat, where and when to get the ingredients and how all the dishes could be prepared seamlessly. I hoped to present it in a classy way, plating and all but realised it’s not possible. But it didn’t end up looking too bad and the kind guests gave thumbs up for the food.

We dropped zi ern off at my mum’s in the morning and went to pick up the food ingredients which we had reserved earlier on. So the chrisellda, Christine and I busied ourselves from morning till evening. I skipped lunch and dinner and ironically did not feel hungry at all. After hosting so many parties, I realized that if you are the cook, you won’t have much appetite. It’s weird but true. I was way too busy to think about food.

Rou ern was with us that day and my dog Milo entertained her, obliging to all her wimps and fancy. “Eat milo!” “Now sit” “come on, follow me there!” “I say… Jump! Come on! Jump” etc…. Believe me, she was with the dog the whole day. Ee fann’s brother nannied her the whole day too as we are really afraid that she will do something funny like jumping into the pool with the dog or something.

Everything turned out really well that night. I went to pick zi ern up as soon as I’m done with the dessert. Boy was she so pleased to see me!

Right now, zi ern is really more fun to play with. Very interactive, super smiley. She wakes me up in the morning. At 6.30am. She really wakes me up. She will keep slapping me till I open my eyes and look at her and then she will give me her biggest toothless grin. I always start my day right ; )

Here’s some pictures taken by a guest. Not all of the dishes are captured unfortunately but better than nothing ; )







One thought on “Party party party

  1. Good job! I’m sure it was as satisfying for you as it was yummy for your guests! Do pop by my blog for a little surprise. 🙂

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