Turning 33

I have lots of things to post but this gets the priority queue.

First of all, I thought I’m 33 this year but guess what? I’m only 6 : p

I hope I’m stronger and wiser than before. So as a SAHM, my accomplishment/s so far? My adorable girls of course.

We “planned” to celebrate it with a dinner as usual but it turned out to be more than I expected. Something far more than wonderful. It was priceless. My very first birthday surprise.

Thinking about it still makes me feel very touched. I had wanted to drop the idea of going out since it was raining but Ee fann said “he reserved a yam cake” so we had to go. The rain gradually turned into a drizzle and as we drove through and out of KPE (city) it suddenly stopped drizzling and the weather was perfect. I was really thankful for the weather. When we reached the destination, (gardens by the bay) we proceeded to the dinner venue. Ee fann hurried along with Rou ern and I was lagging behind thinking “what’s the hurry?”

When I entered the restaurant, I saw Leona and family, Alicia and family all seated there! Then it all makes sense now. Why Ee fann refused to cancel the plans and why he told ern that she will be able to meet her friends many times that week. (We had another planned meet up following the surprise party)
All of them came immediately after work and fetching the kids.

I was really very happy. Really didn’t know what to say but to give them a hug at the end of the day. There was a yam cake – my favourite! A handmade card and a pricey gift. More than just tangible gifts, there were more priceless gifts of thoughts and love. I truly felt so loved and accepted. I’m grateful and thankful for all that is happening or has happened. Thank you ladies, Chis and Richard for giving me so much face. My husband too of course for taking me out despite running a fever. What can I say? I’m one lucky woman!

Oh… I’m not the only one having a surprise… Rou ern too! In order to not spoil the fun, ee fann had to keep this surprise party a secret in case ern let the cat out of the bag. Incidentally, ern was asking for her friends that day too! I bet Ee fann must be itching to tell her! The children as usual had their fun running around chasing one another. The restaurant was pretty empty and the staff were amused to watch them play.

Time for the cake! The kids counted the candles. 3 (big ones) + 3 (small ones) = 6. Auntie Shann is 6 yrs old. Hahahaha the kids had a go with the candles as always. ; ) I had 2 slices at one go. I had to. I saved my stomach for the cake!

So yup that’s me turning 33, a fantastic and memorable start. ; )


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