It’s new year already

Which means that Rou ern is turning 4 soon. Zi ern just turned 7 months. I am a SAHM which means I spend most if not all of my time with them. Even then, I still wish time will slow down a little.

My dear Rou ern is getting more and more independent and Zi ern just can’t get enough of Rou ern. She chuckles and squeals in delight whenever she sees her sister especially if Rou ern runs or dances. Sometimes just by looking at Rou ern will make her smile. Rou ern on the other hand, isn’t that excited about zi ern but she keeps a watchful eye over her and keeps her safe. There were a few times, thinking that zi ern is going to roll off the bed, she grabs her by her feet and shouted for help. This little thought, love and protective instinct of hers melts my heart completely. Also, when Rou ern does her work on the floor (she has a tray table) zi ern loves to roll over to her side, chews up the paper or tries her luck with the crayons. Instead of getting impatient with her, she will shout for me to get the paper out of her mouth and she will then search for a toy and do an exchange. But of course, there are bad days… She doesn’t like it when zi ern to touch her iPad. She tells her off “no! Mei Mei! No!! This is not for you! Hai yo…” Interestingly, she does not like anyone not even me to say that Mei Mei is naughty. She reserves the right to say so. “No… She is not naughty. She is just a baby.”

Since Mei Mei is born I feel that she has grown a little more mature. She understands that attention is no longer always on her. As with her independence, whenever I’m busy with zi ern, she does her own work. Plays with her toys, pulls out her assessment book and get on with it on her own, quietly or pulls out storybooks and read softly. (She knows I need some quiet time when I’m putting zi ern to sleep) we spend our alone time after zi ern sleeps. We read books together or sneaks out if the bedroom to do other things in the living room. I suppose in doing that gives her a sense of balance. Last week, I left zi ern with my parents and spend alone time with her. We went to the butterfly lodge again but this time we came back with 2 different types of caterpillars. It’s been almost a week now… They should be turning into butterflies these couple of days. Ern checks on them everyday. Few weeks ago we caught some tadpoles and brought it home. It was 7… Now it’s down to 2 ; (

In other news, we will be packing out bags and fly to San Francisco this June as Ee fann has been accepted into Stanford. Yay!!!! We will be making an orientation trip there in April first! The kids are going too. Rou ern went there when she was less than a year old I think. But I doubt she remembers it. We will be there for only a year and we are all looking forward to it.

After CNY it will be time to pack up! Major work! Any volunteers are appreciated. ; )

Before I forget, here’s wishing everyone best of health this new year!




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