We got the news about Ee fann’s acceptance in Stanford some time ago and since then I’ve been sitting on the logistic planning.

Actually procrastinating isn’t a good feeling. At the end of EVERY day you know that there are still a million things to be done. Then the feeling got a little heavy I started doing something about it a few weeks ago.

First it was to get ern a school in Singapore and in U.S. It was a little more work to find her a school here mainly because (research and review aside) that school must be willing to keep a space for ern till she is back and she will be halfway through K1 by then. I searched all the schools along bukit timah road and most of them are full and the waitlist is way too long and uncertain. Still, we visited the schools to decide if the waitlist is worthwhile. Finally.. We found an ideal one that is willing to keep a space for her and we fell in love with the environment. Spoke to the principal and ern’s form teacher and we were really pleased with their reply to all ny queries. The children there looked so happy and ern did not want to leave the school. That was when I made an impromptu decision to let her start school now till we leave for States. She is starting school after CNY. We opted flexi care – 3 days a week.

Then I short listed a few schools in Stanford area and finally got a firm place in one of them. We will be making a trip to SFO in April together with the children and we hope to take a look at the schools.

Then there is the packing up which I will tackle after the festive season. I’m quite the expert here since we have been moving around..

In other news, my new helper is here and is good… Though her English is really bad but she is really smiley, hardworking and nice!

As for cheerful zi ern, she is crawling now but she is satisfied with just sitting down and gumming her toys unless she spots something she wants which is away from her will she crawl towards it. This one loves to be with people. She will not hesitate to show her dissatisfaction if left alone. ; )

That’s the update for now!



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