It’s a mummy’s job

Definitely wasn’t in the plan today although I did make a mental note to get it done before we leave for America.

We were having lunch after ern’s makeup class at berries (we let ern skip class this Thursday as we took the children to Disney on Ice!) walked around the mall and saw the same company that ern got her’s done when she was 1 year old. Bedazzle. I have walked pass that shop many times but never have i had the thought of piercing zi ern but today that thought just came to my mind so suddenly. Ern was so excited about her sister getting her earrings and even chose the BIGGEST diamond for zi ern. The sales person said ZE can have the biggest one and after a month we could switch Rou ern’s (now looking “too small” for her) earring to zi ern and zi ern’s to Rou ern. It sounds like a plan when they first told us… But I knew better that I will likely not bother after a month so we decided to just stick to the smallest one which looks just right for her now. (The last thing I want is for a gigantic diamond had i heeded the advice, to take the attention away from her face)

Did zi ern cry? Of course…. But just like Rou ern, it lasted only a few seconds. They are cool like that. Haha!

So… Mummies who are planning to get your daughter/s pierced (or even son?), bedazzle is highly recommended as they are very careful in the placement of the studs, and they pierce both sides at the same time!

Rou ern got hers done at wisma atria, and zi ern’s at west mall. I remember tampinese have an outlet there but they don’t carry real diamonds. But yes, real diamonds or not; they are the place to go to for piercing.



After we left the mall… Rou ern suggested to ee fann to get his done as well. She felt that papa needs diamonds too. Haha! Have a great weekend everyone!


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